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Welcome to fujakdotcom.

Update 26-1-11: Hi all, this is the first update for 2011. I've rejigged the site navigation to remove the Flash buttons given Apple & Adobe still aren't talking to each other. This means the site is now compatible with iPhones & iPads with the exception of the videos as they're WMV's & won't currently play. I also found that I'd upped a video from the Nullarbor trip in 2007 but forgotten to link it to the Video Gallery page so no-one could see it. That's fixed now & the Adelaide Scuba/Glenelg Scuba Diving Club Speed Slideshow 2009 has also been added.

Update 23-8-10: Realised that after all this time I hadn't put any of my non-cave photos from Papua New Guinea onto the site. So there's a selection of some of the nicer images on the PNG Photo page for y'all to look at. Overall I think I got some good photos in PNG so quite pleased with these ones. Enjoy!

Update 22-5-10: More stunning videos from Rick Nash have been given to Fujak HQ. We have great vision from Kilsby's Sinkhole & Piccaninnie Ponds, both near Mt Gambier, shot in March 2010. Check them out in the Video Gallery!

Update 12-04-10: Well, guess what - I found another DVD of Ricks. This one has a fab video shot at Point Lowly, near Whyalla, of Giant Cuttlefish spawning which occurs over winter each year - well, at least until they build a blood big de-sal plant next door & who knows what'll happen then. At least we can look at the vid & wax lyrical about how it used to be! BTW, some of my photos taken at the same time are already up on the photo gallery page.

Update 11-04-10: OK, after some none-too-subtle comments from Fujak contributor Rick Nash about rejigging some of his videos for the site...behold...the wreck of The South Australian, better known as the Glenelg Dredge. Another great vid from Rick is up for all to enjoy.

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fujakdotcom is a site dedicated to nothing in particular although it mainly revolves around scuba diving in it's many and varied forms. You'll find here photos and videos of diving around the world, both in the sea and fresh water, reef and wreck, from one extreme to the other. There is everything from cave diving in the Nullarbor to resort-based diving around the South Pacific. Some photo galleries & videos will have absolutely nothing to do with diving.

This is unashamedly a high-bandwidth site. Those on dial-up or slow broadband might have to wait a bit...but we reckon it's worth it!

Please come back regularly as this is a work in progress and more photos, videos & whatever else of interest comes along will be added.

If you have some diving photos and would like your own gallery or simply have something to say about the website please feel free to contact us.

Enjoy your stay.