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rick nash video gallery

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Piccaninnie Ponds, 5 March 2010
Kilsby's Sinkhole, 6 March 2010
Whyalla Cuttlefish Spawning, July 2009
Glenelg Dredge, Easter 2009
Waubs Bay Night Dive, Bicheno, Tasmania
Glenelg Barge, 2008

Mount Gambier, July 2008

Two videos produced by Rick Nash of diving in the Mount in July 2008. The first is a short collection of stills from Pine Tank Dive Lodge (& the pub!). The second is a great video shot by Rick in Pines cave of divers Craig Larkin & Trevor Bate. This was only Rick's second day diving with a video camera and he had to shoot with a dead viewfinder monitor so couldn't actually see what he was recording!